Aseptic bag in drum (High barrier)

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Film High Barrier: PE/VMPET/PE+evoh(COEX)
Bags sizes 1-220liter
Industrial use FoodVinegar,Condimentsd,Sauces,Edible oil,Liquid egg,Jam
BeuerageCoffee&Tea,Dairy&Milk,Juice,Smoothies, Spirits, Water,Wine,Soft drinks.
Non-food: Agricaltural chemicals,Automotive fluids,Beautye&Personal care,Cleanip,Chemicals.
Quality warranty 24 months
Temperature -20 ° C ~ +95° C
Feature 1.Excellent barrier performance for liquid food
2.Environmentally low carbon effectiveness, fully compliant with new
environmental regulations
3.Cost-effective solution compared to traditional packaging such as can,
hard containers.
4.Compliant with food packaging regulations
5.Re-closable with cap
6.Reduce packaging and transportation cost, easy storage
7.Strong sealing strength, non-breakage, non leakage
8.Eco-friendly materials & Moisture proof, protect from light, gas barrier
Sample lead time 1-5days
Production lead time 15days
Sanitary requirements BPA free
Key advantages 1.The bag and tap work together to prolong the shelf life before and after the pack is opened.
2. Bag-in-Box packaging is supplied flat to maximise storage space and minimise transport costs.
3. Each bag is specifically constructed to preserve the exact liquid inside, ensuring the contents stay uncontaminated by the air outside.
4.Environmentally friendly - lower carbon footprint than plastic or glass alternatives

Product description:

Aseptic bag is to pack sterilized food in an aseptic environment and seal in a sterilized container to obtain longer shelf life without preservatives and refrigeration and greatly maintain nutrient content and specific flavor of food.

Product features:
Flexible packaging aseptic bag was developed for the fruit and vegetable processing industry. With different features of oxygen resistance, low transmission rate, fairly good sealed strength. Aseptic bag is a packaging solution adapted to the storage and transport of liquid food products. It keeps your products safe and fresh from fill to final unloading. It also protects quality, extends freshness and distributes easily with minimal product waste. These bags are made of laminate films specifically to package liquid food. It is characterized by high heat seal strength, air tightness, folding, pressure, and has an excellent preservation shelf life function.


It is particularly suitable for all kinds of concentrated fruit juice, jam, dairy,syrup , enzyme and NFC juice products.

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